About us

In Sweden, there are thousands of companies that work with recycling and waste management. Of course it is good to have a large selection, but it can also be difficult to find the right solution. Which company should you choose? How can I be sure that I am getting the right price and that the waste is really handled in an environmentally correct way?

This is where we at Recycla.se come into the picture. We have gathered all approved and quality assured recycling companies in Sweden and created a leading comparison platform for recycling and waste management. Every week, we help hundreds of companies, organizations and individuals find a safe recycling solution, at the right price. Quick, easy and free!

We help both business and households

Recycla.se is just as relevant for companies and organizations as it is for private households. Regardless of the size and scope of your needs, we help you compare different options for recycling and waste management. We ensure that you get a solution that is both good for the environment and price correct. Just describe your needs and submit a request and we will help you find the right one.

Sweden's recycling market - Recycla.se

Since its inception in 2011, Recycla.se has rapidly grown into the leading service platform for environmentally efficient recycling and waste management in Sweden. Today, we deliver over 10,000 recycling assignments per year - and we are growing rapidly.

The key to success is a genuine quest to make environmentally efficient recycling a good business, both for those in need of help and for the companies that will handle the assignment. We have collected over 800 quality-approved recycling companies in our database, which are then matched against every relevant assignment request.

Recycling companies can easily access a commercially interesting assignment catalog in their geographical and operational area. The users of the service, in turn, get an opportunity to easily find the right solution for their needs, by choosing between price proposals from a number of already quality-approved recycling companies. We simply simplify the process for all joints in a complex chain. The winners are not only the customer and the recycler, but in the end also the environment.

Recycla.se is not only an appreciated partner to the recycling companies. We also work closely with many of Sweden's municipalities, which recommend their residents to use us to find the best solution for their recycling and waste management needs. Of course, we think this is a lot of fun, but it is also a clear acknowledgment that we offer a good solution.

Some of our collaborations:

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  • Göteborgs Stad